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Been so busy!

Between school, work(Yes i do actually have a day-job!), and general life itself…I have not been finding time to work on “The City Beautiful" lately. Fear not though, I will get it done for all of you(the few of you out there[specifically one lucky lady that I intend to mail a physical copy too personally, because she’s one of my biggest fans]). Stay lit everyone! :D

phyi asked:

I forgot to thank you for the follow. D:

Oh it’s no problem! I enjoy following blogs I find interesting :D. Also the thank you message is always cool too. Gotta appreciate those who take the time to display such manners these days…Not to be “That Guy” but I am a synth-pop artist and if you’re interested I have an E.P. available for FREE download from my tumblr, as well as new music on the way that shows the progression between the 2 E.P.’s(the next one will also be free, and als probably the one after that)

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